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Meet the Photographer

Hello. I'm Carole and my passion is photography. I'm a graphic designer who has worked in the print industry for over thirty years. Having more or less retired I now have the time to indulge in photography.

I was gifted my first camera around the age of ten by my parents. They have also influenced my interest in birds, wildlife and nature.

I am a member of Waiuku Camera Club and enjoy the challenge of entering Salons and club competitions. The critique received by the judges, pushes me to learn and improve my skills. 2021 is the first year I have entered competitions outside the club. I have had success in both the Creative Focus and Nelson Triptyche Salons.

This year sees me completing a diploma in photography with the Southern Institute of Technology, the culmination of which is the production of this website.

Phhotographer 2.jpg
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